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Packge A

Unique and Unforgettable
We offer full-service wedding planning and design for luxury celebrations.

We deliver an excellence to couples seeking the very best in planning, design and event management.

Collection 1: FULL- SERVICE PLANNING & DESIGN for Venue Weddings
  • This is our most popular package. We make it perfect for couples seeking a romantic and impeccably designed celebration that wows their guests with each remarkable element. We spearhead the entire planning process from day one. We start with the dream, and the budget. We create and manage a dream team of vendors while also creating our budget plans, and strategic planning benchmarks throughout the process. We are extremely hands on and even If couples are afar this is also ideal for you. We will build this dream together and schedule in person meetings, virtual meetings and create a custom design that meshes flawlessly with all areas. This is the most comprehensive collection. This Collection starts at $6,500.00

Package B
Collection 2: FULL- SERVICE PLANNING & DESIGN for Intimate weddings 
  • Perfect for couples hosting 10-50 guests. This is a very exclusive Intimate wedding planning collection. Again this is from start to finish, we will build and plan your celebration effortlessly. Fully personalized and unique to who you two are. Our Intimate weddings are usually our most elevated and stylish. We create the highest of levels of service for this collection. Which frees our clients biggest dreams to come true. This Collection starts at $5,500.00

Package C
  • This Collection we offer but many choose at this point the Full experience. Partial planning typically happens when the client has already done some damage by starting to plan and picking out vendors/ securing them without any warning. We typically get the call when they started the process and realized that this isn't what they do for a living and they need help and need help fixing the mess they started. At this point you would have some vendors already secured and a design somewhat done etc. We basically come in full force and help mange what you already have and letting us finish the rest :) Still fully involved and everything is custom just not maybe the beginning steps since you caught us to late. This Collection starts at $5,500.00

Social Media Day Of Content Creation 

 We are so excited to add this to our services :) We all love social media and content right? Now let's enhance your wedding even more and have this service added to your day! We offer 3 packages below. All three packages have a slight difference but all include Edited Reels/ TikToks, long videos, footage of the day, Raw photos and videos, and fully unplugged moments. Now who's ready to add some extras to your day? I know we are xoxoxox 

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